Today is the official book release day for my fantasy novella, Myran: A Tale of the Four Worlds.

I’m not going to lie…the release date snuck up on me and I’m nowhere near as prepared as I should be. I could blame the lack of planning due to my epic book release just 30 short days ago. I could blame the whirlwind of writing I’ve been hiding in. In fact, there’s a lot I could blame for this, yet, to be honest, I have no one to blame but myself.

So, here’s what to do when a book launch sneaks up on you.

1. Don’t worry. Relax. You can always re-launch your book later.

2. Blog about it. Write a blog post about the book, how it inspired you, and where readers can pick it up. If you want to get fancy, add a giveaway to encourage clicks to the blog post. See it in action here.

3. Rally the troops! Thankfully I know about 20 epic fantasy authors with a decent list size. I sent them all notes asking them to promote my book to their email list sometime this week or next. Whew! They have got my back.

4. Assemble your advanced review team. I sent a quick note out to all 140 members of my advanced review team and asked them if they were ready to read and review. Many of them are still lost in my epic fantasy back log with over 300,000 words to read. I sent the book out to those who raised their hands and said yes, fingers crossed reviews will start pouring in!

5. Alert your fans. Send an email out to your list announcing your new release. Post in your Fan Club and any other relevant groups. I’ve been working with a group of epic fantasy authors to grow a fan club. It just hit 1,000 members and authors can promote their new releases to the group.

6. Use the power of social media. Post a picture on Instagram. Tweet. Create a Facebook post. Let the world know! In my case, I’m part of a Facebook group dedicated to sharing each other’s promos. I’ll post a tweet for others to retweet. Want to retweet it too? Go here.

7. Celebrate. It might be too last minute to throw an impromptu launch party, but call your friends, go out for dessert. Treat yo’ self. Writing and publishing a book is a huge achievement!

Plan ahead. Here are 3 blog post from the archives to help you maximize your book marketing.

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What do you do when a release sneaks up on you? How do you maximize your book marketing? Share in the comments below.

7 Things To Do When Your Book Release Sneaks Up

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