You have a beautiful website or landing page but now what? How do you drive traffic to it? Build your email list or sell more autographed books?

Without a doubt this is one of the top questions I hear from clients. They have a great website and have completed all the right steps in building their author platform.

Curious about the steps? Read this post.

A huge influx of traffic is possible and often takes time to build. Here are the seven steps you can take drive traffic to your website, grow your email list and increase your book sales.

1. Advertise your catalog of autographed books

Fans love autographed books but it’s hard for them to buy if they don’t know where to get them! I have a store on my author website and I use three ways to sell autographed books:

Tell your email list – about once a month I let my email list know about autographed books. Since I have 8 books I feature an excerpt along with the cover and remind readers they can get some bookmarks with each order.

Use Facebook – Ads take a moment to understand but you can set up an Ad for $5-$10 a day and send people to your website to buy books.

Use Google Adwords – I target people who have visited my website and promote my autographed books to them.

2. Advertise your free reader magnet

One way to build your email list is to give away a free short story (reader magnet). I have a landing page on my website and I use advertising to send readers to the page. The page does the rest. Take a look at the landing page here.

3. Advertise your books and link back to your website

When running ads, it’s smart to link directly to the vendor sales page. For example, if you’re trying to sell more books on Amazon, link to your Amazon product page and thus forth.

But if you want to drive more traffic to your website, advertise your books and link back to your website.

If you’re using a pop up, this can help you build your email list.
If you’re using a Facebook Pixel you can build custom audiences and advertise to them.
If you’re selling autographed books this can increase your revenue.

4. Use a giveaway to drive traffic to your website

If you’re doing a giveaway, I recommend that you focus on giving away something readers in your genre will love. Generic giveaways tend to attract freeloaders who may not be excited to be on your email list – however, you don’t have to use a giveaway to build your email list, you can use it just to drive traffic back to your website.

What items should you give away?

  • Popular books in your genre
  • A kindle e-reader
  • Book swag

5. Host a group promo on your website with other authors in your genre

Bookfunnel and StoryOrigin are easy ways to create a promotion with other authors in your genre. Often the goal is list-building, but you can also create a promo to feature books on sale. 99 cent sales are recommended to drive traffic to your website and increase your book sales. Most promos I’ve been part of generate thousands of page views and sales. Here’s an example promo page.

6. Do a blog series

I have a short story that has ten chapters. To increase my website traffic I did a blog post for each chapter and told readers they could download the entire series for free.

I promoted the blog posts via Facebook and Pinterest to drive more traffic to my website and build my email list.

Pinterest is a powerful tool for generating website traffic and I usually using Pinterest Ads to promote my blog posts and gather more traffic.

See the first post in the series here.

7. Do a video series and repost them on your website

Read aloud, talk about your inspirations, or chat with another author. The sky is the limit on video and you can drive traffic a few different ways. YouTube, Facebook and Instagram TV are popular places for videos.

Post a preview of the video on Facebook or YouTube and link back to your website for the full video. Here’s an example of a video on a website.

Want more? Get more details by booking a 1:1 Book Marketing Call.

Blog Post_ 7 Ways to Drive Traffic to your Author Platform

Share your thoughts:
1. How do you drive traffic to your website?
2. Do you have a tip that wasn’t mentioned here?
3. What action will you take to improve your website presence?

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