What do you know about Amazon categories and keywords? Do you know how to add them to your book? Where they should go on your product page and how to find the best ones for your genre? If not, read on. This is advice I wish I’d known when I released my very fest book!

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Amazon Keywords

Last week I was doing some keyword research for my next release. Prison in the Sky. It’s a fantasy with romantic elements, and I was browsing similar books to see what they put in the Amazon Product page. As I was looking, I wrote down keywords I wanted to use, and I realized that keywords have been huge in helping my organic book sales.

In addition to being the giant marketplace that it is, Amazon is also a search engine. People look for items based on keywords, and when they are looking for a new book to read, they use keywords for that search! To help your book show up organically, you should use keyword terms not only when you create the book on KDP, but also in your subtitle and product page.

My most popular series has the keyword epic fantasy not only in the title, but several places in the actual book description. I believe this has been a game changer for helping my organic reach. (That, and every loves a box set deal).

Amazon Categories

When you set up your book in KDP you really can’t choose any categories. While you can select a general category (like fantasy) – Amazon will choose what categories your book appears in based on the keywords you type in! You can have up to 10 categories, but often, you’ll need to email Amazon and ask them to add your book to additional relevant categories. Relevance is everything. If you’ve been studying the charts, you’ll probably see category manipulation is popular to try to get the bestseller tag. It certainly works, but I also believe if you aren’t getting conversions in your category, your book won’t fly as high as it could be.

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Organic keywords are a must have when releasing a book on Amazon. But, what if you don’t know what keywords you should use? Or the most searched for keywords in your genre?

If you don’t know, this is where keyword tools like Publisher Rocket come in. In the past I’ve used Publisher Rocket a couple of ways.

#1 – To find relevant keywords for my Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) Ads.

#2 – To find keywords to put on my product page which allows my books to show up higher in organic searches.

As a result I have a book which easily brings in at least $500 a month without advertising!

If you’re struggling with keywords and your book sales, I highly recommend checking out Publisher Rocket (yes I am an affiliate). Click here for details on Publisher Rocket! 

Want more? Book a one on one coaching call with me and we’ll talk through and add specific keywords to your book(s). 

Blog Post_ Amazon Categories & Keywords – What You Should Know

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