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Amazon Categories & Keywords – What You Should Know

What do you know about Amazon categories and keywords? Do you know how to add them to your book? Where they should go on your product page and how to find the best ones for your genre? If not, read on. This is advice I wish I'd known when I released my very fest book!...

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Bad Reviews? Here’s what you should (and shouldn’t) do

In 2018 I released a box set at 99 cents. I wrote my heart out with over 300,000 words of stories I’d held onto for the past 15 years. It was a labor of love and something I’d never imagined coming to fruition. After all, I created the world when I was a teenager and...

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Premade Landing Pages for Indie Authors

Premade landing pages for indie authors are now available! You know you need a landing page, but the cost and technical headache can make it tough. Especially when you have other things to focus on, like writing, coordinating with your editor, book cover design and...

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7 Ways to Drive Traffic to your Author Platform

You have a beautiful website or landing page but now what? How do you drive traffic to it? Build your email list or sell more autographed books? Without a doubt this is one of the top questions I hear from clients. They have a great website and have completed all the...

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Must Have Graphics for a Fiction Book Launch

Do you have the right graphics for your book launch? Recently I released the first book in a new epic fantasy series I’m working on, marking my 7th book release. Since my last series (The Four Worlds) did so well, I decided to level up and focus on excellent visuals...

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Advice for a Fledgling Fantasy Author

Recently someone asked what advice I’d give to a fledgling fantasy author. My immediate thoughts were: read and write. But there’s a bit more to it. So I thought I’d break it down for you in today’s post: Get familiar with the craft of writing Start reading. If you’re...

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Lessons Learned from Selling 1,000 Books in 6 Days

Indie authors seem to be divided into two camps, those who are making good money from their books and those who are struggling to bring in a steady trickle of sales. When the magic isn't happening, it feels daunting but read this before you give up all hope. I'm well...

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Can you afford to be an indie author?

Can you afford to be an indie author? As independent authors, we have to be aware of the way cost plays into self-publishing. Cost can mean the difference between turning book publishing into a business versus having a very expensive hobby. The question is, how much...

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