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Building your Fiction Author Platform

This is a guest blog by Laina Turner of Writing Warriors Collective. When it comes to a fiction author platform, it's a bit like the chicken and egg dilemma. What comes first? The book or the platform? The answer is BOTH! Doesn't that fill you with joy? The idea of...

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Lessons Learned from a Year of Gratitude

Waves of gratitude met me in 2017. The first day of the year I opened my gratitude journal and wrote out what I was thankful for, what would make the day great, and what steps I would take to make the day amazing. Looking back on those moments, I didn’t realize what...

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Indie Authors: Stop Giving Away Free Books

Dear Indie Authors, Please stop giving away your books for free. Please. One of the popular reasons authors give away books for free is to build a readership, and to increase the sale through of other books in their series. However, there’s one problem with free...

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Staying Productive as an Indie Author

How do you stay productive as an indie author? Over the past year I’ve written and published three novels, stayed up to date on book marketing, built new relationships and dodged the black hole of social media. As of late, I’ve had many writers and authors ask me, how...

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7 Things To Do When Your Book Release Sneaks Up On You

Today is the official book release day for my fantasy novella, Myran: A Tale of the Four Worlds. I'm not going to lie...the release date snuck up on me and I'm nowhere near as prepared as I should be. I could blame the lack of planning due to my epic book release just...

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Enhance Book Sales & Engagement on Facebook with a ChatBot

Email open rates are going down. I've heard the chatter in author marketing groups, the worry that readers are growing tried and weary of the same ole marketing tactics. While there are all kinds of marketing hooks you can use to improve your email marketing, it's...

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New Release Highlights: Eliesmore and the Green Stone

This past weekend was a roller coaster of emotional excitement as I released the third novel in my epic fantasy series. It’s also the second book I released this year and, as planned, the highlight of my book releases. The Bad News There were a few things that went...

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Benefits of Booking A Blog Tour

Have you considered booking a blog tour to help you reach more readers? In the traditional publishing world, it’s normal to send an author on a book tour, where they hop from bookstore to bookstore, signing copies, reading aloud, or speak to the audience. Since we...

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Save Time and Energy by Using Viraltag for Social Media

Social media marketing. What words come to mind when you hear social media? As a blogger, brand, business, and author, we all know the implications of social media. It seems to be a necessary evil in the world. I enjoy discussing the topic of social media because it’s...

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Writing Habits of an Extrovert

What does your writing process look like? The more authors I talk to, the more I’m finding the writing process vastly differs from writer to writer. Honestly, I don’t believe there is a wrong way or right way to write your book. The key is, writing. As an extrovert,...

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