Do you have a landing page for your book?

In 2015 when I started planning a book launch for The Five Warriors, I found one common theme among author websites, and websites promoting authors.

They were awful. And still are today!

The branding is inconsistent. The design is all over the place. There is too much going on in the sidebars. The website is confusing and I don’t know where to go to find out more about the author or buy the books. Even when I do figure it out, it hurts my eyes, it’s hard to find the buy buttons, and I’m not even sure why I should read that book.

It might be a ploy of traditional publishers, to keep readers coming back to their wonderful websites filled with books.

It might be because authors are ignorant when it comes to branding and design.

It might be because no one cares.

I decided to go against the grain and build a lovely website for my books along with a dedicated landing page for each book.

It made all the difference. During my book launch, readers went directly to my landing page (book sales page). They were able to:

  • Opt-in to my email list and start reading the book instantly
  • Purchase the book from their preferred book vendor
  • Redeem pre-order bonuses
  • Watch the book trailer
  • Read testimonials
  • Learn more about the author (and request review copies)

The book sales page was my first step in telling a potential reader about my book, why they should buy it and how they can find out a bit more about me.

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It also allowed me to collect their information before sending them on to Amazon to make a purchase.

While Amazon is a fantastic selling tool, they don’t turn around and send you the names and email addresses of everyone who buys your book.

It’s great to have this, especially when you have a new release coming out. Since I’ve been building my list and establishing my reputation for the past year and a half, I already have a group of fans waiting (impatiently) for my next book release.

You can too, but it all starts with building a landing page for your book. (Need a landing page? Find out how to build your own in less than an hour)Drive Fan Engagement and Book Sales with a Book Landing Page

But why not send readers directly to your Amazon page?

This is a question I struggled with. As a marketer, it’s important to give readers the best experience and limit the number of clicks to complete a purchase.

I tested this out using Facebook Ads and found a few things.

When readers were sent directly to Amazon, they clicked away without purchasing. From there, I was left with no information. I didn’t know whether they read a sample, they weren’t on my email list, and I couldn’t follow up with them after they clicked away.

As a marketer, the rule of thumb is, it takes people seven times to hear about a product or service before they make a purchase. Which means that if someone goes to your book sales page and signs up for your email list, you have a much higher chance of them making a purchase in the future.

Book marketing can be tricky, however most experts will tell you to start marketing your book as soon as possible. Having a dedicated landing page and place for readers to join your email list, read your blog, and even join your launch team, is a game changer. If you’re starting from zero and haven’t built an author brand or online presence, it’s your first step in the marketing process.

Are you using a landing page to drive fan engagement?

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