Do you have the right graphics for your book launch?

Recently I released the first book in a new epic fantasy series I’m working on, marking my 7th book release. Since my last series (The Four Worlds) did so well, I decided to level up and focus on excellent visuals for my book launch. Whether you are releasing your first book or tenth book, here are some suggested graphics for your next release.

Before I dive in, a word to the wise. Book launching is hard and takes a ton of time and energy. Because of that, there’s no way I could do it all myself. I outsourced as much as possible and collaborated with other authors to make the book release a success.

Facebook Ads

During a book release I always run Facebook Ads. As a student of Mark Dawson’s Ads for Authors course, I like to spend time testing out Ads and determining what converts to clicks and sales. Ad copy can vary, it’s important to test different wording as well as different graphics. The three kinds of graphics I usually test include stock photos and branded photos.

Stock photos are usually downloaded from Pexels or Depositphotos, depending on what vibe I’m going for. Stock photos do quite well with Ads, however, on the flip side, I do want people to know I’m selling a book which is why I also use branded photos.

Branded photos use my book cover or associated graphics. See below for the three kinds of graphics I use.

Standard Cover File

Realm of Beasts

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Realm of Beasts KU

Social Proof

Realm of Beasts - Social Proof


While I don’t often run Ads on Instagram, it’s fantastic for organic views and connecting with book bloggers. In all honestly, I often don’t have to the time to connect with book bloggers on Instagram so I hire someone to do it for me. However, posting daily on Instagram is an awesome way to get my book in front of readers who are looking for something new to read. Plus the cover is so pretty, it draws the eye. See below for Instagram graphics.

Realm of Beasts - Books

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Bookbub Ads aren’t something I’m versed in. While Bookbub allows authors to run Ads on their site, it’s still something I’m learning. Bookbub Ads are usually a loss for me so I run them for visibility. Usually I can set aside a few funds that are strictly for visibility and not for ROI. See below for the one Bookbub Ad I used.

ROB Bookbub


There you have it. If you’re looking to create graphics for your next book launch, here are the sources I recommend.

Realm of Beasts is an Epic Fantasy Adventure with Mythical Beasts.
Credit for this release goes to:
Shayla Raquel for Editing
Amalia Chitulescu Digital Art for Cover Design
Stephanie BwaBwa of Story Creative HQ for Graphics

Must Have Graphics for a Fiction Book Launch

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