Premade landing pages for indie authors are now available!

You know you need a landing page, but the cost and technical headache can make it tough. Especially when you have other things to focus on, like writing, coordinating with your editor, book cover design and book marketing. I firmly believe a landing page is essential, especially for list building, and there are hundreds of resources and articles out there that will concur. I also know the tech challenges can seem insurmountable which is why I decided to offer premade landing pages.

Ever since I saw premade covers come out for others, I wanted to do something simple but beautiful that would encourage authors to focus on having a gorgeous website and landing page, without spending thousands of dollars. (Unless you have thousands of dollars to dump into web design – go for it!)

What do you need for these landing pages?

  • A domain (you can get one from NameCheap)
  • Hosting (I highly recommend Siteground – you can buy both your domain and hosting from Siteground )
  • WordPress (It’s a free download and most hosting providers offer a free install)
  • Divi by Elegant Themes (it’s a premium theme but I’ll install it for free with purchase of a landing page)

Each landing page includes installation on your website and content updates. When you preview a landing page, you’ll notice it has demo images, text and links. If you provide your own, I’ll update your content with it.

Landing pages are built out with marketing psychology in mind. In fact, there are the 5 essential elements included in each of my landing pages. 

#1 – Sales

One of my goal is to sell more books, so I usually include a link to purchase the ebook from Amazon. Since I have an international audience, it’s important to include a universal link that automatically sends the visitor to their store based on their location. Click here or on the image below for an example of a landing page focused on generating sales.

mockup - romance landing page

#2 – List building

Usually when I send out an email, my book sales double, and that makes a massive difference in royalties! Hence, building up my email list is #2 on my priority list. I usually include an invitation to my email list high up on my landing pages and again at the very bottom of the page. The idea is, if someone isn’t ready to make a purchase, I can sell to them via email. Click here or on the image below for an example of a landing page focused on list building.

mockup - fantasy premade landing page

#3 – Gorgeous book covers

Book covers can make all the difference when selling books, which is why I pride myself on having absolutely drop-dead beautiful covers. I always make it a point to highlight the artwork on my website just because I’m so proud of it! In addition to book covers, high resolutions stock images will work well to capture the theme of your book.

#4 – Social proof

Reviews from readers are a great way to encourage others to pick up your book and read it. Reviews can be a mixed bag, I’ve recently found it really don’t matter how many reviews I do or don’t have on books, they seem to sell just about the same. Regardless, it’s important to have the social proof for your book.

#5 – About the author

One reason I like the internet is because it’s so easy to connect with authors and readers. So make sure you’re using that personal connection and sharing a little bit about yourself. Share the good stuff but also share the odd stuff that no one would think to ask! On my series landing page I share some little known facts about me, just to provide something personable for readers. See a preview of it here.

Blog Post_ Premade Landing Pages for Indie Authors

Share your thoughts:
1. What is important to you when it comes to building a landing page?
2. Do you have any tips to share?

Leave a comment below and then share this post with a fellow author.

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