I was at Starbucks the other day, talking to one of my business besties about tactics we use to increase traffic on our blogs. “I use Pinterest,” she told me, “pin about 200 pins a day, and I have thousands of views on my blog.”

Ugh! I thought inwardly. Not another person on the latest Pinterest craze!

But then, I thought again. I had some free time in my day and could spend 1-2 hours learning all about Pinterest, and I had exactly nothing to lose. Except time but that’s okay. Right?

First off, I wanted a quick overview on Pinterest. So I opted in to a free 7 day course to get the low down. I took the Pinterest Power Course by Summer Tannhauser  and, although she had some kick-ass tips, I didn’t do too much to get started.

She recommended using Tailwind to schedule out your Pinterest Pins. So I got a free account and got started. By the way, Tailwind actually isn’t free. If you’d like to get it for free, use my link here. A free month for you plus a free month for me. It’s a win-win!

Click here it start using Tailwind for Pinterest

Secondly, since I’m a member of Melyssa Griffin’s Facebook Group I joined her email list and took one of her webinars. This time, I was ready to take action. While I listened to the webinar I implemented every single strategy she suggested on the spot. And when I say every single strategy. I mean Every. Single. Strategy.

Well, the next day I noticed ALL the referral traffic from my website was from Pinterest. And it continued for the next week until my free Tailwind trial ended. Obviously, it was working, so I purchased a membership, started using BoardBooster and sat back to wait and watch.

Here’s the most annoying thing about this whole process. In the 3-5 hours I spent learning about Pinterest and putting what I learned into practice, it actually worked! Now, I know I shouldn’t be mad about it, but sometimes the Pinterest craze seems overrated. Here’s the truth. It’s not. It works. Here’s proof.

Below is the 30 day view of impressions my Pins got. As you can see, there was a spike in the beginning. It dropped because I stopped using Tailwind, but once I started again, the impressions rose again.


My Pins weren’t being seen on Pinterest at all. Once I started implementing the tactics you can see how views went from 5,000 to over 15,000.


Changed my header and bio

It turns out Pinterest is actually a search engine. If I’m using the keywords people are searching for in my header and bio, my account is more likely to be found.


Separated out the number of boards I use

I only had one serious business board, the others were completely random. I made those secret, excepting for my “Tasty Bites” board, and created some additional business specific boards. At first, I didn’t think I had enough content for them. However, once I started creating boards it was easy to separate them out.

Started using Tailwind to Pin other Content

No, I don’t pin 200 times a day – but I do pin 10 times a day. What does it take? Well, I simply use the Tailwind Chrome extension to add Pins to my schedule and move on with life. Seriously, it takes maybe 10 minutes.


Joined Group Boards

I’ve heard this one over and over again but I wasn’t sure how to get onto a Group Board. Turns out, asking in Facebook Groups is effective, as well as using Pin Groupie.

Created a Pinterest Pin for each Blog Post

Each of my blog posts already had a graphic that went with them, however, they weren’t vertical, pinnable graphics. I created a template in Canva and added those graphics to my blog posts – from there I pinned the graphics to each board it was relevant to. See below for the graphic I use.


Created a board simply for my blog posts

Typically I pin several pins to each board, and most of them are from other blogs. I created an exclusive Pin Board for my blog and make it the first board you see when you pull up my account. Seriously, you can just drag your Pin boards around, it’s easy!

Joined BoardBooster and used it to start repinning and looping boards

BoardBooster is $5 a month and takes care of 2 things for me, repinning and looping. I know you’re thinking: “why are you using BoardBooster if you have Tailwind?” Well, once I’m done posting my pins, it’s a good idea to re-pin them so they get more visibility. I hate the thought of wasting time manually doing it, which is why I pay BoardBooster to do it for me. Let’s be real, $5 is much cheaper than paying a virtual assistant.


That’s it! I’ve been able to do so much spending 3-5 hours learning how to use Pinterest. What more could I do if I actually took a course and learned all of the secret tactics?

Here’s the recap:

  • Spend no more than 30 minutes scheduling my pins for the week
  • Only pin 10 pins a day or 70 pins a week using Tailwind
  • Use the set it and forget it mindset using BoardBooster

Want more? Learn how to use Pinterest from my business bestie! Here’s the link.

Read this guest post by Alex Lyman: Using Pinterest to Drive Traffic to Your Blog and Business

What tips do you use to make the most out of Pinterest?


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