In July 2019 I got married! My wedding was beautiful, perfect and stress free. It wasn’t entirely effortless but there were many things that contributed to such a lovely day. As with any event, it’s the people you invite that make it worth it.

When I first started sending out electronic invitations, I used Facebook Events. But there’s just something cold and unpersonalized about sending evites via Facebook. Plus, people tend to use the “maybe” button which means “I’m-not-coming-but-I-don’t-want-to say-no-so-I’m going-to click-maybe.”

And all the maybes make it difficult to get an accurate headcount, which you need for catering, food, drinks, tables, etc. Especially if you’re an event planner, an inaccurate headcount makes your job much harder.

Which is why I turned to Paperless Post. It’s an effortless way to send beautiful evites to your next event whether it’s a wedding, baby shower, book launch party, house warming or something else!

Gorgeous Templates.

During my nine month engagement I had three events. The engagement party. The wedding shower. And the actual wedding. Evites were a must have make everything flow smoothly!

Wedding planning is busy and there are many moving parts. My goal was to eliminate as much stress as possible, which is why I love using templates for evites. I’m not a designer so I like to see something beautiful that I can customize to fit my needs.

Paperless Post has a wide variety of templates with both static and animated images. It gives an extra burst of creative and personalization to your event.

How easy is it?

  1. Select a template
  2. Enter details
  3. Select extra blocks. (For example you can add a registry or other details.)
  4. Send it to your guests!
  5. Wait for RSVPs to roll in.

Use Text Messaging instead of Email

Let’s be honest. I don’t always check my email. And sometimes I miss messages. But I’m always checking my text messages.

The good news is, Paperless Post allows you to send evites via text, so your guests still get something personalized that they will be more likely to take action on.

For my wedding shower, all invites went out via text message. RVSPs were collected much faster than using email, and it was easier to follow up with people for a straight answer. Yes or no. No maybes!

One place to go to track RSVPs.

Using evites makes it much easier to track RSVPs. Gone are the days of collecting RSVP cards and counting up attendees in an Excel spreadsheet. With a swipe of your fingers, you can pull up the app and view your RSVPs and even see adults versus children. For my wedding it was great to know how many people were bringing children since the pricing per plate was different for children versus adults.

Follow up for the final headcount and/or with additional details.

Hearing crickets? Send a follow up.

The follow up changes everything and Paperless Post has just the right templates. A week before the event send a follow up to see if anything has changed. Are more people coming? Has anyone cancelled? This is especially helpful to know for a wedding or if you are getting your event catered.

For my wedding knowing the final headcount made a $500 different in the budget. That’s pretty massive and money we were able to save for our honeymoon.

It’s also important to ensure people have their questions answered. What’s the dress code? Where should they park? What’s the schedule like? All these things can be sent in a follow up email for everyone who said YES, plus it’s easy to update the evite and resend to these people.

There you have it, a way to make your event flow effortlessly.

How do you send out invitations? Let me know in the comments below.

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